Natalie Portman Nabs Noah Emmerich As A Husband!

But Portman’s real baby daddy  and hubby Benjamin Millepied shouldn’t worry, Noah Emmerich is just her beau for a movie role!

After the major hurdles up to this point, Noah Emmerich was chosen as the final piece to the casting jigsaw puzzle that is Jane Got A Gun. Emmerich will play the cowboy hubby to Natalie Portman, who is being hunted by an evil desperado (Bradley Cooper.) Portman’s character, Jane, enlists in the help of an ex-lover, played by Joel Edgerton, to stop the desperado and his gang, save her farm and her bullet ridden husband.

Noah Emmerich and Natalie Portman have acted alongside each other before, but in a very different capacity. The two both had breakout roles in the 1996 comedy Beautiful Girls. Emmerich played a happily married man while Portman was merely a kid. My my how things change!

More recently, Emmerich can be seen starring in the FX cold war drama, The Americans. He’s also appeared in the movies Super 8, The Truman Show, and Little Children. Emmerich is definitely not who I’d expect to play Mr. Natalie Portman, but so far nothing’s been expected with Jane Got A Gun. 


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