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Check Out The New 'The Lone Ranger' Character Posters

Walt Disney Pictures was pretty active Monday morning releasing two main character posters for the upcoming action adventure film The Lone Ranger.

The Studio introduced the main characters¬†to posters via their website. John Reid (Armie Hammer) is described as a man who boards a train home to Colby Texas, ready to practice law with his East Coast degree. He’ known as a stalwart idealist, firmly opposed to the violent ethics of the frontier, where justice is regularly allocated by gunfire. Little does Reid know, a chance meeting with Comanche warrior Tonto will set off a series of events that will change him into the enigmatic hero, the masked Lone Ranger.

Reid’s unlikely comrade Tonto¬†(Johnny Depp), is characterized as a wandering Comanche, cast out from his tribe, Tonto rides alone in search of the two men responsible for the ruin of his village until his path fatefully crosses with that of the wounded young lawyer John Reid.

The Lone Ranger arrives in theaters July 3, 2013, but for now flip through the two photos below.

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