Rachel Roy Reaches Out To Business Women Through ‘The Life’

Rachel Roy has launched her new digital magazine and video series called “The Life,” which will reach out to female entrepreneurs to help them develop and grown in the business world.

The digital magazine will be available on her personal website and features sections that will educate women, give style tips, and even show case some of the honorable charitable efforts going on all around us.

“We are not alone in our journeys, and I wanted to create something that illustrated this,” Rachel Roy said in a printed statement. “I’ve always believed in designing the life you want to live. Advice and stories from my friends on how they have pursued their dreams and goals have really helped me and I am excited to help bring those stories to a larger audience and inspire other women.”

As for the video series that accompanies the online magazine, that platform will focus on sharing inspirational stories and some great advice from successful entrepreneurs.

Black Enterprise writes:

The Life will also have a companion video series. It will contain stories of female entrepreneurs who will share their experiences and tips for starting a business or pursuing their dream careers. The video series will be released on a monthly basis, the videos include: founder of FEED projects Lauren Bush Lauren, celebrity fashion stylist Elizabeth Stewart , E! Entertainment host Catt Sadler, fashion journalist Melissa Magsaysay, jewelry designer Jacquie Aiche, celebrity wellness Coach AJ Johnson, and vintage shop owner Esther Ginsberg.

It’s certainly a pleasant sight to see a business website geared towards helping women make their way up the business ladder in a time where we are still struggling to make gender pay wage gaps a thing of the past.


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