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Seeking Professional Advice Helps Parents, Children

I have always been of the opinion that all parents aim to do the very best they are able; however, when a child is begging for help by acting out, it is vital for the development of the child that parents evaluate what needs exist at different times in that child’s life.

I was sitting at an adult party last week, eating a lovely buffet dinner, when I witnessed a little three-year-old boy who was sucking on a pacifier. He was in constant motion, jumping from one couch to the nearest chair to the nearest ottoman and then back again. When he began running up the stairs, his father trailed behind him, but I was curious when after a few minutes the father appeared without him. His father walked over and poured himself a glass of wine without appearing to be concerned. In a few minutes, a frail-looking woman entered the room asking where her son was. The father pointed to the stairs without saying a word. As the mother approached the stairs in search for the boy, she was relieved to find him coming back down. His mother tried to pick him up in her arms, but he pulled away in quest of another place to run and jump. Generally this behavior would not surprise me. It was when the mother sat down beside me and burst into tears that I knew that my instincts were correct. This family needed help.

The little boy’s mother told me that she had asked so many people if they thought his behavior was normal, and everyone had said that he was just acting like a boy with energy. She told me that even as a little baby, there were times that she could simply not calm him down. I knew in my heart that she had been given the wrong advice…

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