Rihanna Splits with Chris, Regrets Stripper Pics, and Disses Beyonce?

Rihanna has had quite the eventful week after she reportedly broke up with her bad boy lover Chris Brown, made her “Pour It Up” lyrics come to life on Twitter before deleting the scandalous photos, and even throwing some serious shade at Beyonce… according to the media that is.

It seems like the media may be “twatching,” “trolling,” or whatever else you want to call it, a little too much lately because they have jumbled up a slew of social media postings to create a drama filled story that might not be true at all.

That’s the tricky thing about twitter isn’t it? Postings on the social media site can be very vague and if a celebrity dares to tweet a thing without mentioning another Twitter user, tabloids assume the tweet was aimed at whoever would make the most interesting story.

In this case, Rihanna’s tweet that read, “This is terrible” was assumed to be launched at Chris Brown who she reportedly split with this week.

How did that rumor start? A radio station’s tweet that claimed Brown said he and RiRi weren’t together.

As you can imagine this is a crazy web of tweets, he-say she-say, pure speculation, and Instagram photos that has pushed the truth far out of the picture for the sake of a more exciting story.

Well here’s how things really went down:

Rihanna was doing what she loves the most, watching strippers go “up and down that pole” and taking pictures of their every move. The scandalous songstress couldn’t help but share her stripper pics with her followers online so she posted the nude pictures to her Instagram and Twitter.

Needless to say, her fans were actually enjoying the strip club sneak peaks but for some reason Rihanna was starting to regret sharing the photos.

After many screen shots of the tweets had already been captured and teenage boys going through puberty already saved the photos to their hard drive, the Bajan beauty deleted the stripper pics.

This is where things get tricky.

After deleting the photos Chris Brown’s lover tweeted, “This is terrible.”

The tweet was referring to the strippers in the club, dancing on the pole, showing all their goodies. Now let’s be clear about something. The tweet wasn’t to be taken literally.

Rihanna wasn’t saying that stripping is actually terrible and she probably didn’t have any real regrets about the photos. The tweet was meant to have more comedic and slightly sarcastic value than anything else.

It’s one of those hard to explain things that young people do, trust me on this. Anyone who would have seen her say “this is terrible” in person probably witnessed her laughing while she said it.

Now, around the same time the saga of stripper photos were hitting the web the L.A radio station Power 106 released a tweet accusing of Breezy of saying he wasn’t together with RiRi anymore.

A link was provided at the end of the tweet for fans to tune in and see what was really going on in their relationship. As it turned out, the rumors of Brown and Rihanna not being together anymore was actually the result of media framing gone wrong.

The tweet was meant to pull people in because we all know the entire #TeamBreezy is waiting for the couple to break up so they can throw their teenage love at the 23-year-old via social media.

Once you give the interview a good listen, however, you realize that the clip of the R&B bad boy saying he wasn’t with Rihanna was a flashback clip of an interview he did a while ago.

The radio station was actually asking Breezy if he lied during that past interview when he said he wasn’t together with RiRi.

“You and Rihanna. Are y’all back together,” radio host Big Boy asked during the flashback clip.

“No – and that’s just quick,” Brown responded.

Now fast forward to the most recent interview, the “Don’t Judge Me” crooner explained, “I didn’t really lie. I just didn’t – I didn’t – I didn’t tell the truth.”

Here every one erupts into laughter because now it’s been made clear that the two were together long before they had made their public appearance as a reunited couple.

Where the stories overlap is Rihanna’s “this is terrible” tweet. Many tabloids assumed that her tweet was referring to her crumbling relationship with Breezy and not her removal of the booty shaking strippers.

So while we can debunk the Brown and Rihanna break up rumor we can’t say that we can explain that Beyonce diss because it might indeed be just that.

It seems unlikely considering the fact that Jay-Z is RiRi’s mentee (aka the last person she needs to piss off), but the “Diamonds” songstress has been known to put her foot in her mouth before.

In Mrs. Carter’s latest single “I Been On” she sings, “I’m the number one chick, ain’t need no hype.”

Well it seems like RiRi doesn’t quite agree and she may be accusing Baddie Bey of “Ackin [acting] up.”

“I only know how to be number 1 !! I could use a challenge,” she posted on Instagram. “How dat feel down there on ya knees, Huh!?”

As if that wasn’t enough, the slew of hash tags at the end had us gasping and praying that Rihanna isn’t taking aim at Blue Ivy’s mommy.

“#gunzindamuthaphuckinair #allmyniggazNavi #controlyourheauxz #heauxzBeAckinUp #yesimeantAckin #catchup #phuckyouandyourtimedifference #walkupindisbitchlikeiownaheaux #fromtheleftsideofanisland #tuh,” the post read.

The hashtag #phuckyouandyourtimedifference is the one that really has us considering the fact that she’s talking about Beyonce.

Drake rapped that line during his verse on French Montana’s “Pop That” in reference to rappers who have been in the game longer than he has but still aren’t as talented as he is or even as successful.

With the “Pour It Up” songstress bagging more nominations than Baddie Bey at the Grammys could she be inferring that she has surpassed Jay-Z’s wife on the R&B totem pole?

We aren’t sure, but if it’s true the Beyonce hater train is running out of seats rather quickly.


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