Riverside, Other Groups Trying to Renege on Dorner Reward

Donors pledged $1.2 million in reward money to catch cop killer Christopher Dorner, but now some of them are using semantics to get out of making the payout, saying Dorner was not captured and convicted because he killed himself before authorities apprehended him.

Though the Los Angeles Police Department claims they still have enough for a $1 million payout, the city of Riverside, which had an officer killed by Dorner, 11-year department veteran Michael Crain, has rescinded its $100,000 contribution, according to the Los Angeles Times. The Riverside money was for information leading to Dorner’s “arrest and conviction.”

“Because the conditions were not met, there will not be a payment of a reward by the city,” said Riveside city spokeswoman Cindie Perry.

According to the Times, more than 25 donors pledged reward money, including state and local police unions, civic organizations and individuals. But many are now hesitating.

“I’ve spoken with some groups–including a few that are substantial–that have already decided to withdraw their pledges,” Ron Cottingham, president of the 64,000-member union Peace Officers Research Assn. of California, which has placed its own pledge on hold pending additional information, told the paper. “They said the reward doesn’t fit their criteria.”

But the LAPD says the money should be paid.


LAPD Deputy Chief Kirk Albanese said that to refuse to pay because Dorner killed himself before he could be convicted “would be disingenuous.” He said it would undermine future attempts by police to offer rewards to get information.

After Dorner died on Feb. 12, two claims were made on the reward money. A couple near Big Bear who were tied up and whose car was stolen by Dorner said they should get reward money, as did a man whose pickup truck Dorner later hijacked.

During his 10-day killing rampage that transfixed the nation, police said Dorner killed Riverside police Officer Michael Crain; San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Deputy Jeremiah MacKay; Monica Quan, the daughter of a retired LAPD captain; and Quan’s fiance, Keith Lawrence.



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