Novel Idea: Fall In Love with . . . Yourself

We fall in love with people, and we fall in love with places and things. But how many of us have fallen in love with ourselves?

It’s a weird concept to think about – falling in love with yourself – it seems like something that we shouldn’t need to experience. But I’m starting to think it might be something we all need to do especially as a prerequisite for all our other types of love especially as we get older.

In the first place, what does it mean to “fall in love?” I ask because the concept is confusing to me: Does love really just happen? Don’t get me wrong, the love between two people can seem to be a rather unexplainable occurrence.

And I am indeed one of those weird people who think that love at first sight is possible. But beyond the feelings we feel that let us believe that love is serendipitous, perhaps it is also possible that the culmination of our experiences in life are the true determinants for what we believe, know, and experience love to be. In that breadth, maybe falling in love isn’t so unexplainable, maybe it is a choice that is the consequence of all our other choices, however unaware we are of those choices.

If falling in love is a choice, maybe we can also learn to choose it for ourselves. Something people often fail to ask themselves is whether they like who they are; whether they like that person staring at them in the mirror

It’s easy to be your harshest critic on one hand, many of us are; but on the other hand, it’s also easy to fall into the abyss of conceitedness, and many of us do that too. But if virtue lies between two extremes and I believe it does, falling in love with yourself occurs somewhere in the middle – where we appreciate who we are and the gifts that we have, while accepting our weaknesses and imperfections with a fervent desire to do better each day.

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