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International Trailer and Poster for 'Star Trek Into Darkness'

After a goodly amount of teasing and withholding, there’s finally a full-length trailer for the new Star Trek movie. Of course, it’s still mostly teasing and withholding, but now there’s something resembling the outline of a plot in it.

It seems that Benedict Cumberbatch’s character kills a bunch of top officials, because authority figures are always useless in movie land. We can only ever trust the hotshot, doesn’t-play-by-the-rules maverick outlaw to save the day, and Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) is more than willing to be the hottest shot possible, and goes rogue to chase down the villain. Choice exchange: “Starfleet isn’t about vendettas.” “Well maybe it should be!” Yes, our institutions should make revenge their official business. That would never go wrong.

So what do we make of this trailer? Well, the title is still terrible, Cumberbatch still looks like a Khan clone (and for all we know, he might turn out to be Khan), Alice Eve strips to her underwear for no reason (Classy! And I’ll bet it’s no accident that this happens right in the middle, so that it’s the preview image for the video), and blockbuster posters still just can’t get over rubble and flying sparks.

Star Trek Into Darkness comes out May 17th. The trailer:

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    Sheer epic awesomeness!

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