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DeKalb ‘Pimp DC’ Could Get 200 Years for Teen Prostitution Ring

Darryl Bearnard "Pimp DC" CurryA DeKalb County self-avowed pimp could serve more than 200 years in prison for running an extensive teen prostitution ring.

Darryl Bearnard Curry, who called himself “Pimp DC,” made videos of himself from the Decatur Square – at times directly in the shadow of the DeKalb County courthouse – espousing the virtues of pimping and providing instruction for up-and-coming pimps, authorities said.

“He considered himself ‘schooling’ the young pimps who wanted to get into the game,” DeKalb County assistant district attorney Dalia Racine said.

Monday, a DeKalb County Superior Court jury convicted Curry, 48, of multiple counts of sex trafficking, aggravated battery, pimping a person under 18, false imprisonment, sexual exploitation of children, first-degree cruelty to children and obstruction.

Prosecutors identified at least five girls over a two-year period whom Curry was prostituting.
But the indictments pointed specifically to a pair of teens – ages 16 and 17 – whom Curry had under his control between Sept. 17 and Oct. 8, 2011.

“Our older victim … he beat her with a coat hanger and with a belt,” Racine said. “He would force her to have sex with him … and she would intervene when he tried to have sex with the younger victim.”

She also had some injuries when she was located, Racine said.

On the night of Oct. 7, 2011, Racine said Curry took the two girls to a “pimp party” where they were to be offered for their services. Before they left, they were given the drug Ecstasy, she said.
“Victim 1 starts tripping off the (Ecstasy) and they go home,” Racine said, referring to the 17-year-old. “While at home, she had to sleep in the room with him.”

Racine said in the early morning hours of Oct. 8, the girl came to an epiphany.
“She said she feels like she can’t take it anymore,” Racine said. “She said if this was her only opportunity and she was going to get out, she’s got to get out now.”

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5 thoughts on “DeKalb ‘Pimp DC’ Could Get 200 Years for Teen Prostitution Ring

  1. Stupid is as stupid does! I am glad they got his ignorant ass!

  2. Jim Kerr says:

    What a piece of garbage. The worst part is that he was arrested in 2011 for the same thing and was back on the streets. Hopefully he will be behind bars the rest of his life like he deserves.

  3. Trina Barton-Lynch says:

    And raped every day!!

  4. Stacy Freemyer says:

    regreatfully when one is taken down another will take his place we need to get informed and stop sex trafficking.

  5. regreatfully when one is taken down more will take his place we need to get informed and stop sex trafficking.

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