Discovering How Mindfulness Can Create a Healthy Lifestyle

There’s a famous scripture in the Bible that encourages us to take the plank out of our own eye before addressing the speck in our brother’s eye. Basically, that scripture is intended to teaches us how to deal with our own issues instead of trying to be the moral compass for everyone else while neglecting ourselves. While that advice seems pretty easy to follow, in reality it’s pretty hard to observe oneself in order to correct character flaws and address difficult personality issues. However, there is a new study that suggests that mindfulness is the key to self-correction.

According to the Huffington Post, the study on the benefits of mindfulness was featured in the Perspectives on Psychological Science journal. The results uncovered the keys to how many of us can discover the essence of who we truly are by using a few introspective techniques. Two methods of self-evaluation, nonjudgemental observation and attention, were outlined. In the study of mindfulness researchers found that by evaluating ourselves in a nonjudgemental manner, we can uncover areas in need of improvement and not feel shame over them. Eliminating shame and guilt are essential to personal growth as you can remain objective to address any issues of concern instead of beating ourselves up when we feel we’ve made a mistake.

Creating a space for mindfulness is important in fostering a healthy personality. The act of ‘burying one’s head in the sand,’ or ignoring internal problems can give way to an unrealistic view of oneself. The Huffington Post included this finding by the researchers:  “For example, one who overestimates the positivity of his or her personality or status is often disliked by others, whereas having insight into how others perceive the self and acknowledging one’s flaws seems to attenuate the negativity of others’ impressions.”

In addition to all the intrinsic benefits mindfulness can provide, there are practical benefits as well. The act of being mindful is linked to getting better sleep because people who have a better handle on their emotions throughout the day tend to sleep better at night. It’s basic cause and effect.

So in order to manage stress and develop a better sense of self, try being mindful throughout the day.

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