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Hotel Santa Caterina: Iconic Amalfi Coast Hotel A Must-Visit

Hotel Santa Caterina in Amalfi boasts a long history of hospitality that dates back to 1904, when the Gambardella family inaugurated it.

The long-lasting tradition is alive with the heirs who still manage the property and are ready to welcome again their guests for the upcoming season. Over the years Hotel Santa Caterina has housed a large number of celebrities who loved and appreciated this unique location. It ranks among the top hotels of the world and is located just moments away from the historical maritime republic of Amalfi and not far from Positano, 40 minutes from Sorrento.

This is a historic landmark that perfectly fits into the breath-taking surroundings: in the beautiful setting of the Amalfi Coast the Hotel Santa Caterina with its landscaped terraces seems to plunge into the Mediterranean Sea. Two elevators are nestled in the rock and allow guests to get down to the seaside as an alternative to a path among citrus groves and lush gardens leading also to a sea-water swimming pool, sunbathing decks, gym, cafe/bar and open-air restaurant.

At Hotel Santa Caterina glamorous interiors feature Italian antique furniture from the 19th and early 20th centuries together with some contemporary elements and original details from the typical local tradition, such as the precious Vietri light blue tiles, hand-painted majolica, decorative plaster works, classic whitewashed low-vaulted ceilings with pillars at the corners.

Colours recall the blue of the sea and the yellow of the lemons that are so widespread in this coastal area, which runs from Sorrento to Vietri. Scented lemons, together with herbs and other citrus fruits are also part of the beauty treatment products at the Santa Caterina’s SPA.

The hotel owners are constantly committed to renovation and maintenance of their property. The preserving of its enchanting atmosphere makes it more and more attractive year after year.

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