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Disney's 'Planes' Trailer Soars Into Cyberspace

A teaser trailer for Disney’s newest animated adventure, Planes, hit the web this morning. The film is a sort of spin off of Disney’s hit franchise Cars. Amidst mixed emotions, Planes stars Dane Cook as Dusty the crop duster, a plane with an irrational fear of heights, who nonetheless dreams of being high flying air racer.

This teaser trailer is a first look inside the recently revamped film due out August 9th. Initially, the film was going to be a straight to DVD release, however upon second thought Disney decided it might be more of a blockbuster than initially planned. Unfortunately, based on this trailer it looks like the film might fare better going straight to DVD after all…

First things first, the lingo used in the trailer is far too complex for the target demographic. What little kid (who isn’t a complete plane fanatic) is going to understand jargon like “40,000 pounds of thrust”, “low observable stealth technology,” and “auto ground collision avoidance system?” I understand the technical jargon is meant to provide a contrast with Dusty’s more “simple” technology, but I fear it will fly right over many viewers heads.

The overall quality of the trailer was poor and seemed rushed. Upon first watch, I didn’t think it was an actual Disney trailer, rather a bored fan spliced together some Planes clips, added cheesy rock music, and slapped it on YouTube. I expected something a bit more, well, epic from Disney. The mediocre quality might stem from DisneyToon Studios making the movie, instead of Pixar, the studio responsible for the mega success of Cars. 

Perhaps I’m being a bit too harsh on Planes, but Cars set the standard pretty high – anything claiming to even be remotely related better be up to snuff.

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