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Michael Jackson’s Children and Mother Seek Billions from AEG

Michael Jackson family seeks billions from promoter Michael Jackson’s three children and his mother Katherine are seeking a whopping $40 billion from AEG Live for the pop icon’s death which they claim was the promoters fault since they hired Dr. Conrad Murray in the first place.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ Michael Jackson’s family is accusing AEG Live of being negligent in the hiring and supervision of Dr. Murray and now they want to be compensated for all the money that their father might have earned had he still been alive.

Prince, Paris, Blanket and their grandmother are seeking $10 billion for their father’s potential profits and another $50 million for other damages.

Needless to say, AEG isn’t buying it and they feel like the family is just trying to squeeze their pockets dry.

While Michael Jackson was certainly the King of Pop and the most iconic performer to ever hit the stage, the controversy surrounding the later years of his career did slow his revenue quite a bit.

“AEG Live claims the $40 billion is preposterous because Michael’s career was in a Michael Jackson's son Prince to take stand in wrongful death trial downward spiral following the child molestation allegations,” TMZ reported.

AEG is claiming that the amount Jackson’s family is seeking is based off of unrealistic expectations of Michael’s career, but the pop icon’s teenage son has something to say about that.

Prince, 16, is ready to take the stand in the wrongful death lawsuit and claims that the conversations he had with his father about AEG will be enough to prove that they were responsible for his father’s death.

“Prince very much wants to take the stand and plans to tell jurors about specific conversations he had with his father about AEG,” one source told “Prince will also testify about the fateful day his father died, as he was an eyewitness to the efforts that were made to save his life.”

Prince isn’t much older than his 15-year-old sister Paris, but both of his younger siblings will be protected from the scrutiny of the courts and aren’t expected to take the stand.

The trial isn’t set to begin until April 2.


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  1. Wishful thinking. Greed is the crooked timber of humanity. Prince Jackson is definitely being manipulated by his family once more. Check out these shocking pics of Prince Jackson posing with shady businessman Julian Rouas to promote the illegal Jackson Tribute Fragrances…

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