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Quincy Jones’ Lawyer Claims He’s Owed $30M In Royalties; MJ Estate Lawyer Says Producer Already Has Been Paid

Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones first collaborated on “Off the Wall.” (Bill Nation/Sygma/Getty Images)

Quincy Jones says he is entitled to $30 million from Michael Jackson’s estate stemming from increased royalty rates after the King of Pop’s death.

Jones’ lawyer, Mike McKool, made the argument on behalf of the 84-year-old producer at Los Angeles Superior Court Tuesday, July 11, according to Variety. McKool said his client received the royalties that were due to him for Jackson’s hit records “Off the Wall,” “Thriller” and “Bad,” but things changed when Jackson died in 2009.

“The death of a superstar artist creates huge interest in his music,” McKool argued in the trial that is expected to last three weeks, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The entertainment website reported McKool said increased fan interest allowed Jackson’s estate to negotiate a larger cut of profits from Sony, which Jones sued along with Jackson’s MJJ Productions in 2013 for wrongfully remixing and editing his master recordings. By contrast, Jones’ royalties did not increase and did not proportionally grow the way they should have, McKool argued.

In addition to the early solo Jackson records, McKool said Jones is owed money from the documentary “This Is It,” which featured songs the iconic composer produced. According to McKool, his client was not provided a fair share of the licensing fee — Jones was paid $455,000 while the Jackson estate got $90 million — on the film that grossed more than $500 million, Variety reported.

“Mr. Jones is asking for millions he didn’t earn and isn’t entitled to. He just wants it and hopes you’ll give it to him,” Jackson estate attorney Zia Modabber said, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“Mr. Jones has been paid over $18 million, and he will make millions more,” Variety reported he said.

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