Kim Zolciak Sued by Kandi Burruss for ‘Tardy for the Party’

Fighting over stupid ideas is apparently a thing for The Real Housewives of Atlanta now. Kandi Burruss is suing former cast member Kim Zolciak for profits from her 2009 single “Tardy for the Party” which Kandi co-wrote.

Kandi called on the help of her current cast member Phaedra Parks to sue Mrs. Zolciak for her share of royalties from her single.

To be honest, the song didn’t perform all that well compared to other hits. “Tardy for the Party” reached 102,000 copies/downloads, a number that most major hits reach on the first day of sales alone.

Either way, Kandi still wants credit where it’s due.

She filed the lawsuit on Tuesday in a U.S District Court in Georgia and has ordered the “Tardy for the Party” songstress to provide all “substantial profits and ill-gotten gains” from the single.

She isn’t the only one demanding some cash either.

Another songwriter, Rodney Richard, is joining forces with Kandi for the lawsuit because he allegedly also co-wrote the gimmicky song.

While the ladies are awaiting their day in court over the issue, Burruss and Richard are urging the courts to issue a cease and desist so Kim can’t make any more profits off of what they claim is partly their song.

While Kandi, Phaedra, and Rodney all claim to be very serious about the lawsuit, there’s just something about a legal representative having a “Donkey Booty” video that doesn’t really intimidate Kim at all. In fact, the reality star is confident that this will be yet another failed attempt by Kandi to try to snag a few bucks out of Kim’s pockets.

“Kandi tried to pull the song down in Dec on iTunes but after I showed documents and proved points song was immediately put back up,” Kim tweeted.

Before that she even brought up a good point as to why the new lawsuit seems ridiculous a bit suspicious.

“If I owed her money why did she do another song,” she tweeted. The singer-songwriter wrote another song for the wannabe songstress titled “The Ring Didn’t Mean a Thing.” If Kim was truly that much in debt to her why even go into another business venture with her? We’re sure the courts are going to be asking the same question.

On top of that why wait until now to file a lawsuit (again) when things obviously didn’t go her way the first time? We actually think we have the answer to this one.

Throughout the new season of Real Housewives of Atlanta, if you weren’t Phaedra, Nene Leakes, or Kenya Moore you were just irrelevant – yea we said it.

These three ladies dominated the drama world and were the sole reason that many people continued to tune in every week. With the reunion special coming up, it seems like Kandi just wanted some of her own drama to bring to the table so host Andy Cohen would have a reason to acknowledge her existence.

Let’s face it, she could have easily waited until after the reunion taping to file the lawsuit – she had already waited six years what would one more day do?

She even took to Twitter to hype up her own drama for the reunion.

“Well, we’re shooting the #RHOA reunion on weds,” Kandi tweeted. “Im NOT looking 4ward 2 it. I can already c its gonna b DRAMA. Arguing makes my stomach turn.”

We would like to point out that many of the shows fans were tweeting about the upcoming reunion special, but none of them seemed to mention Kandi’s right with Kim over the corny jingle. In other words, the fans really don’t care.

You’ll have to tune into the reunion special to see if Andy actually finds a way to bring up her little spat and just how short her moment of relevancy is. We’re betting that it won’t be much longer than a good 20 seconds.


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