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'OZ' Headed For Big Numbers This Weekend

The origin flick to The Wizard of Oz is expected to have big numbers come the close of the weekend. Already topping Friday’s charts during its opening night bringing in $24.1 million.

According to some reports, Oz the Great and Powerful could reach the $80 million mark for the weekend. However, Disney insiders are estimated a little more modest amount at $74 million.

The films numbers mark the third best opening for a March movie opening ever, since last year’s Hunger Games. Which brought in an estimated $152.5 million during it’s opening weekend.

Disney has a little bit of catching up to do if they would like to earn their percentage the network spent producing Oz. The network spent close to $300 million dollars creating the blockbuster. Majority of the money went to the producing asspect of the film ($215 million) and the remaining went to the mega worldwide marketing that was done to promote the film.

We will have to wait and see how the numbers turn up at the close of the weekend, however, I imagine Oz the Great and Powerful will meet and exceed the expectations.

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