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Taye Diggs Dishes New Details for ‘The Best Man 2’

TayeTaye Diggs reveals details of The Best Man sequel Diggs shared some exciting details about his latest project, “The Best Man Holiday,” or “Best Man 2” as fans call it, which will be bringing the entire original cast together to answer all those lingering questions that have haunted us since the original film hit theaters in 1999.

Taye Diggs gave the final confirmation that a sequel to “The Best Man” is indeed in the works.

Nia Long, Harold Perrineau, Sanaa Lathan, Melissa DeSousa, Terrence Howard, Morris Chestnut, Regina Hall and Monica Calhoun are all returning along with Mr. Diggs to make the sequel to the first film seem even more authentic.

While he still remained tight lipped about many of the important details of the plot, Diggs did give Essence a few details regarding the actual production of the film and what fans can expect from the long awaited sequel.

“We haven’t started yet,” the 42-year-old actor revealed. “We start next month. I’ve been texting and emailing people. Everyone’s really excited. The script’s done and it’s good!”

Taye Diggs talks about The Best Man sequel As for the actual plot of the movie, fans can expect Diggs character to be much more humble than he was in the original.

“I will say this. My character is humbled in this one,” he said. “But I’m still together with Robin.”

Of course using the entire original cast means Robin will still be played by the fabulous Sanaa Lathan.

As you probably guessed by the title, the original characters are meeting up for the holidays but according to Diggs there is still some big unexpected event that brings the entire story together.

“I can’t even begin to say,” he said at first before caving in and revealing just a few details. “I’ll say that there’s another big event. In the first one, there was a wedding and [now] there’s another big event that brings us all together.”

Rumors about a sequel began swirling back in 2011 when the cast and crew came together for a 12 year reunion. Thanks to Universal Studios, those rumors have turned into facts.

With so much anticipation and buzz generated about the film before filming even started, the entire crew is hoping to match the success of the original which opened at #1 in the Box Office and grossed $35 million.


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