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'Girl Meets World' Casts Teo Halm As Elliot Matthews

Casting for Girl Meets World is really coming together. First we met Corey and Topanga’s daughter Riley Matthews, played by Rowan Blanchard. Then we met her BFF and Shawn Hunter equivalent, Maya Fox, played by Sabrina Carpenter. Now meet Riley’s brother Elliot Matthews, played by up and comer Teo Halm. So, does that make Elliot the equivalent of Eric Matthews (Will Friedle)?? I sure hope so.

The Hollywood Reporter wrote earlier today that Teo is confirmed in the role of Elliot Matthews. Halm is a relatively unknown actor, but per his IMDB page seems to be buds with actor/filmmaker/ student/ teacher/ author/ renaissance man James Franco after working together on Bukowski. mentioned back in November, that Girl Meets World is a spin off on the original ABC series Boy Meets World. The original series ran for seven stellar years and gained a strong and loyal following. Many fans of the original, myself included, are skeptical that this spin off will even begin to compare to the original. Boy Meets World set the standards very high, hopefully casting directors know what they are up against and are choosing wisely.

Initial hesitations aside, does anyone else see a slight resemblance to Rider Strong aka Shawn Hunter in Theo Halm? Now, THAT could be promising..

The one, the only Shawn Hunter

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