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Dane Cook Takes Lead In Disney's 'Planes'


Disney is stretching the success of  Cars with an aviation spinoff aptly titled Planes. I’m sure Disney knows exactly what they are doing to rake in the big bucks AND make Planes an overwhelming family friendly success. Although, casting Dane Cook as the lead plane doesn’t exactly sound family friendly to me…

Dane Cook is known for being incredibly vulgar and crass, albeit hilarious comedian. He’s also tried his hand at acting in quite a few “meh” movies, including, but not limited to, Good Luck Chuck, Employee Of The Month, My Best Friend’s Girl and Dan In Real Life. Perhaps voice over will prove more successful for the comedian turned actor.

Dusty the crop duster

Cook won’t be voicing just any plane, he’s actually a defunct crop duster named Dusty who has dreams of being a high flying air racer. He just has to overcome his fear of heights first.

As seen on, Two and a Half Men’s Jon Cryer initially voiced Dusty the crop duster, however Cook stepped in to give the plane an edgier personality. Initially the production was going to be a straight to DVD release, however execs decided Planes had more potential than initially thought and the animated film is slated to hit theaters August 9, 2013.

After Planes ‘takes off’, I can’t wait to see what the next “original” Disney franchise will be. Maybe Boats? Or Trains perhaps? Hey, as long as it makes money, chances are this idea (and any profitable spin offs) will be milked for all they’re worth.

Dane Cook to voice Dusty the crop duster. Bring on the fart jokes.


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