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'American Horror Story' Season 3 Adds Kathy Bates

Kathy Bates will officially play “frenemy” to Jessica Lange in the upcoming season of American Horror Story. This is the first casting announcement of a brand new actor to join season 3. Up until Bates was cast, the only confirmed third season actors, included Jessica Lange, Evan Peters, Taissa Farmiga, Lily Rabe, Frances Conroy, and Sarah Paulson, all of which already appeared in the first and/or second season of American Horror Story.

As seen on The Hollywood Reporter, Bates will play longtime friend to Jessica Lange. Somewhere along the way their friendship goes sour and the two are pitted against one another. We know Bates will perform swimmingly in a potentially creepy role, after all she did win an Oscar in 1991 for her performance as an obsessive fan in Misery. Bates most recently wrapped a two year stint on NBC’s Harry’s Law. Last September the actress faced breast cancer and a subsequent double mastectomy. No doubt about it, she’s on tough broad. Jessica Lange should be wary, there might be a new American Horror Story golden girl in the works.

No plot details have been released yet, but move over Mariah and Nicki, Kathy and Jessica are sure to have one fierce, albeit scripted, feud of their own. Although the verdict’s still out on whether or not Mariah and Nicki’s fight was scripted too…but that’s a whole other story.

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