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Megan Fox Cast as April O'Neil in 'Ninja Turtles'

Megan Fox April O'Neil

Megan Fox has just been cast as your favorite member of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles — the only female presence available, really: the beautiful and dutiful April O’Neil.

While it was reported that a live-action Ninja Turtles would be shut down for an “indefinite” amount last June, the project has since gained a bit of momentum with producer Michael Bay. Soome tension has existed between Bay and Ninja Turtles fans over his decision to turn the famous turtles into aliens, he’s making up for it with a formidable casting: Megan Fox.

Of course, Megan Fox and Michael Bay have had their own share of tension over their work relationship in the Transformers series. Megan Fox compared the famous director to Adolf Hitler, Napoleon and your worst possible nightmare, stating:

“He’s like Napoleon and he wants to create this insane, infamous mad-man reputation. He wants to be like Hitler on his sets, and he is. So he’s a nightmare to work for but when you get him away from set, and he’s not in director mode, I kind of really enjoy his personality because he’s so awkward, so hopelessly awkward. He has no social skills at all. And it’s endearing to watch him.”

While this inevitably led to Megan Fox being replaced for Transformers: Dark of the Moon, she and Michael Bay have seemingly buried the hatchet. Fox beat out such names as Jane Levy, Anna Kendrick and Elizabeth Olsen for the role inĀ Ninja Turtles, which in turn allowed Michael Bay to state on his website “TMNT: we are bringing Megan Fox back into the family!”

Ninja Turtles is set for release May 2014. Megan Fox is, thus far, the only casting. The Josh Applebaum script is being helmed by Jonathan Liebesman, whose other travesties include Battle Los Angeles and Darkness Falls. We’ll be sure to keep you updated, so check back for more information.

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