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Throwback Thursday- TV Moms Then and Now: Clair Huxtable Vs. Kris Jenner

After reports began circulating last week that Phylicia Rashad made angry comments about Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner, the blogosphere’s imagination ran wild, envisioning a smackdown between the two.  On The Cosby Show, Rashad played the iconic Clair Huxtable, one of television’s feistiest, no-nonsense parents. On Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and its deluge of spinoffs, Jenner plays, well herself–a fame hungry child pimp masquerading as a “cool “mom.

If the two were to really engage in a fight, across some television time continuum, here are a few reasons Clair Huxtable would own Kris Jenner.

On child discipline

So clearly,  Khloe’s DUI was just not that serious to Kris, and her emotional flashback to the OJ trial was far more important. Meanwhile, Clair thinks illicitly attending a concert in Baltimore was a fast slope to delinquency for Vanessa.

On helping your children get good opportunities in life

One day, Kris looked at 14-year-old daughter Kendall and saw one thing: a dollar sign. Because modeling is exactly the vocation every 14-year-old needs. Even Bruce Jenner sounds like the voice of reason in this clip.  Meanwhile, back on Cosby, Clair demands $79,642.22 worth of Princeton tuition back from Sondra when she refuses to go to law school–making her reconsider plans to open a wilderness store.

On family fun

This clip presents a classic episode of Huxtable family fun–singing with Stevie Wonder in a recording studio. Also, Rashad reminds us she’s got quite a set of pipes. Kris Jenner’s attempt at family bonding finds her joining in her daughters’ favorite pastime- stripping down for the camera. In this clip, we see Kris get a dose of her own pimp medicine as Kim directs the shoot.

On responsible consumption of alcohol

This comparison speaks for itself. Sounds like Kris could stand to play a round of “chug a lug” with the Huxtables.

So clearly, we have a divergence in parental philosophy.  Next Kardashian vs. Cosby mashup? Theo vs. Rob.

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