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New 'Iron Man 3' Legos Filled with Spoilers

If you’re still unsure about Iron Man 3′s plot, even with the various movie posters featuring the iron clad hero falling from the sky and Guy Pearce removing his glasses, look no further than the Lego products being released in conjunction with the film.

Be forewarned, these Iron Man 3 toys spoil more plot points than a few ominous photos ever could — if you wish to turn away, do so now. The legos reveal an iconic Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin, a zombie-like Guy Pearce as Extremis / Aldrich Killian, and a simple War Machine — not the blue and red “America” themed one.

Like all spoilers, these Iron Man 3 toys seem to raise more questions than answers. For example, we have no way of knowing if The Mandarin will be driving a vacuum-like death mobile or a matching helicopter. We also have no idea if Guy Pearce will devolve into a zombie-like state due to his involvement with the Extremis virus, or if that’s even part of the plot. For all we know, the   putrid green toy counterparts could be nothing more than minions from Mandarin. Likewise, we also have no way of knowing whether or not War Machine will be sporting his simple costume or the star-spangled one. We are looking at toys, after all.

In any case, Iron Man 3 is well on its way. The film marks Shane Black‘s first film since 2005’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which also starred the unmistakable Robert Downey Jr. The movie will also reunite all your favorite Iron Man stars, including Don Cheadle, Jon Favreau and Gwyneth Paltrow. Iron Man 3 will also bring aboard such talent as Guy Pearce and Ben Kingsley.

Be on the lookout for more promotional material, as the Disney owned Marvel has nothing but deep pockets these days. With the Iron Man 3 release date so close — May 3 — we’re sure more spoilers and photos are well on their way. Check out the toys below — if you dare.

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