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Kim Kardashian Sells Mansion, Escapes From Kris Jenner

Kim Kardashian is finally moving out from under her mother’s wing as she has finally sold her home in Beverly Crest which was literally walking distance from her mother’s home.

We’re sure Kris Jenner isn’t too happy about the mansion being sold, but we have a feeling Kanye West is. Rumors were flying that Kanye and Kris weren’t seeing eye to eye when it came to who would control Kim’s life (ironically the only person not in the running to have a say so in what Kim does is Kim… go figure).

Anyway, Kimmy is finally fleeing her mother’s neighborhood to go live with her boyfriend and baby daddy Kanye West in their Bel-Air Mediterranean style mansion.

The reality star was able to hold on to the home much longer than any of her relationships, but after just two years she’s ready to give it up.

The amount she sold the home for has not been revealed to the public, but she initially purchased the home for $3.5 million in 2010.

The big price tag comes with quite a few lavish perks including six fireplaces, five spacious bedrooms, 4.5 luxurious spa-like bathrooms, and about 4,000 square feet of living space.

Oh! We almost forgot, the home even has a large screening room in case Kim wanted to remind herself of where her fame came from.

While the new home that she purchased in Bel Air with boo Yeezy is undergoing renovations, there is no word out yet on if there will be a screening room in the new home. She doesn’t really need the screening room as a reminder now that her baby’s daddy is busy bragging to the world that his girl is “famous all from a home movie.” Ahhh love. Isn’t it great?

While there isn’t any plans for a screening room that we know of the home does boast some pretty impressive features including a beautiful pool, an elevator, a wine cellar, seven bathrooms and magnificent views of mountains and gorgeous landscaping. All those views and perks come with a price, however. While the price Kim and Kanye purchased the house for is not on record yet, the home was initially listed for a whopping $10.75 million.

That’s actually not too bad of an investment for the man who loves to “go ignant” with his money. We’re impressed.

Beyonce Finally Reveals Blue Ivy’s Face

It’s been over a year since Beyonce allowed her baby’s face to be shown to the world, but a photo from her HBO documentary got leaked on Twitter Friday and is showing off Blue Ivy’s adorable face.

Baby blue is perhaps one of the most adorable celebrity babies to grab a hold of the spotlight and she shocking looks exactly like a half and half mix of Beyonce and Jay-Z – but not the comical computer generated image that was floating around when Beyone announced she was pregnant.

The picture was captured from a scene in Beyonce’s documentary “Life is but a Dream” where she is seen holding her daughter and grinning from ear to ear. Little Blue Ivy, on the other hand, looks confused as she stares at what we can only assume is a massive camera crew filming every waking moment of Blue’s life.

Queen Bey fans retweeted the photo over and over again to let other Beyone fans finally “oooo” and “awwww” over Blue’s chubby face and head full of curly hair.

The last time the proud mommy showed off her daughter’s face was when she had just given birth and posted a photo of her cradling Blue Ivy in the hospital on Tumblr.

Ever since then, the Carter’s baby has been nothing more than a secret hidden under baby blankets.

Blue Ivy’s chubby cheeks aren’t the only things that made a special appearance in the documentary. Beyonce also showed off her growing baby bump, forcing people to put away the rumors that she faked the entire pregnancy and had a surrogate carry her daughter instead.

“So this is my belly and I’m 20 weeks…,” Mrs. Carter says to the cameras as she shows off her growing tummy. “…if you can see that I’m pregnant I’m just going to have to own it! My baby may be debuting itself on the awards.”

She went on to express her excitement every time her baby kicked in her tummy and how it even made her tear up with joy.


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