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‘Scandal’ Season 2 Episode 14's Clever Way To Say 'WTF'

Being a little slow in my head, I initially didn’t realize that tonight’s season 2 episode of Scandal, which is called, “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot,” is based on the phonetic alphabet. Only after the first spoilers story was written on our site, based on tonight’s Scandal episode, did I realize that the producers of the show use the same language that some of my pilot friends use to say ‘WTF.’ Everyone in America should know what ‘WTF’ means by now, but if you don’t, it’s an acronym for ‘What The F*&K.’ Clever right? Well, we’ll see tonight who’s going to want to yell that saying out. I bet it’s Olivia, especially after what happened to her last week.

Ok, I wont bore you with my findings, I’m certainly not Einstein, but i wanted to let everyone know what “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” mean. Tonight’s episode summary below:

“After discovering the truth behind Defiance, Fitz is still struggling to figure out who he can actually trust. Meanwhile Olivia is trying to move on with her life, and she meets a handsome stranger, Jake Weston (Scott Foley), who sparks her interest. But when Fitz and Olivia are forced to be in the same room again, real sparks fly and things get heated. Back at Pope & Associates, the team handles a new case, and for the first time they’re working with David Rosen instead of against him.”

Scandal airs Thursday’s at 10pm on ABC.  For a better reference, phonetic alphabet chart below:

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