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Support for Christopher Dorner Spreads Across Internet

Christopher Dorner got his wish.

Ex-police officer Dorner, the subject of a massive manhunt in California and suspect in the killing of three people, wrote a rambling 6,000-word manifesto describing the racism and corruption of the Los Angeles Police Department in graphic detail. Now it appears that many people believe him.

Donner threatened to kill for his wrongful termination from the LAPD. He said he wrote the manifesto to clear his name. Now, there are Facebook pages popping up in support of him and messages all over the Internet from people who say his claims deserve to be investigated.

While a story in The New York Times makes it a racial issue, saying that many African-Americans support Dorner, there doesn’t appear to be a racial motive for his support based on Facebook messages and posts across the Internet.

On the Facebook page entitled “I Support Christopher Dorner,” which had more than 3,500 “likes” as of Saturday morning, this is the explanation given for the page’s creation: “This is not a page about supporting the killing of innocent people. It’s supporting fighting back against corrupt cops and bringing to light what they do.”

In an interview with the Los Angeles Daily News, the unidentified creator of the page said, “I don’t condone the acts of killing people, but I was going to try to spin it in a way that people can actually learn from him. It’s a perfect story about a person who wanted to just do the right thing, but couldn’t catch a break. Maybe if enough people talk about it, hear it, see it, maybe some change can come out of it.”

Of course, while Dorner points to an endemic corruption and racism in the LAPD, it doesn’t appear that officials there have any interest investigating the claims of an accused murderer.

“These are the rantings of a clearly very sick individual,” William J. Bratton, former LAPD police chief, told The New York Times yesterday. “It would be a shame if he was able to rally to his cause people who remember the bad old days of the LAPD.”

The current police chief, Charlie Beck, told the Times he did not give any credence to Dorner’s claims of racism in the department.

“You’re talking about a homicide suspect who has committed atrocious crimes,” he said. “If you want to give any attribution to his ramblings on the Internet, go right ahead. But I do not.”

“He wants to reclaim his name, but you don’t do that by shooting innocent family members,” said Stephen G. Tibbetts, a criminology professor at Cal State San Bernardino, who specializes in profiling and criminal theory. Tibbetts told the LA Daily News, “Even people who seem like heroes who fight against “authority,” they don’t go after the daughter of the person they hate in the authority. There’s obviously a screw loose there, and anybody that would support anything he believes — after something like that — is crazy. Actually, it’s even crazier.”

Police suspect Dorner’s first two targets were Monica Quan, 28, the daughter of one of his former LAPD colleagues, Randy Quan — who was the first Asian-American captain in LAPD history — and her fiance, Keith Lawrence, 27.

Quan was an assistant women’s basketball coach at Cal-State Fullerton and Lawrence was a public safety officer at University of Southern California. The two met when they were student athletes at Concordia University. They were found slumped over in a parking garage near their condominium in Irvine. They had been killed in their car on Sunday evening after leaving a Super Bowl party.

On Thursday in Corona, Dorner is accused of shooting an LAPD cop who had been assigned to protect one of the officers he threatened in the manifesto, according to LAPD Officer Tenesha Dobine.

Dorner is also suspected of ambushing two Riverside officers at an intersection, killing one and sending the other to the hospital.

“I know I will be villified (sic) by the LAPD and the media,” Dorner wrote in his manifesto. “Unfortunately, this is a necessary evil that I do not enjoy but must partake and complete for substantial change to occur within the LAPD and reclaim my name.”

Some supporters on the Internet called Dorner, “Rambo” or “the black Jason Bourne,” after popular movie characters, although the case feels like a real-life enactment of the Jamie Foxx-Gerard Butler movie “Law Abiding Citizen.”

In his manifesto, Dorner says the killing won’t stop until the LAPD holds a press conference and tells the public the truth about his wrongful termination so that he can clear his name.

“The question is, what would you do to clear your name?” Dorner wrote in his manifesto, which was published in its entirety on a site called after it had been removed from Facebook. “A name is more than just a noun, verb, or adjective. It’s your life, your legacy, your journey, sacrifices and everything you’ve worked hard for every day of your life as adolescent, young adult and adult. Don’t let anybody tarnish it when you know you’ve live up to your own set of ethics and personal ethos.”

In his manifesto, most of Dorner’s preoccupation was with the case that led to his termination on Jan. 2, 2009.

Dorner said he also lost his position as commanding officer of a Naval Security Forces reserve unit because of the LAPD. Dorner reported in August 2007 that he saw another officer use excessive force when he was a patrol officer in the LAPD’s Harbor Division.

He said the officer kicked a homeless man suffering from schizophrenia and dementia twice in the chest and once in the face, leaving bruising on the cheek that was corroborated by the man’s father. But instead of the officer, a woman, receiving punishment, Dorner said he was later terminated in retaliation. He recounts other acts of brutality committed by this female cop, including ripping the flesh on the arm of an elderly woman.

“The department has not changed since the Rampart and Rodney King days,” Dorner wrote, citing the LAPD’s most high-profile case of corruption (Rampart) and police brutality (the Rodney King beating). “It has gotten worse. The consent decree should never have been lifted. The only thing that has evolved from the consent decree is those officers involved in the Rampart scandal and Rodney King incidents have since promoted to supervisor, commanders, and command staff, and executive positions.”

Dorner goes on to lash white, black, Latino, Asian and lesbian officers for each contributing to the culture of abuse and corruption in the department. He cited white officers who join the department with the sole intent of victimizing minorities; black officers in supervisory positions who abuse and belittle their white subordinates and “breed a new generation of bigoted Caucasian officer;” Hispanic officers who demean and disrespect other Hispanics to gain the acceptance of white officers; lesbians in positions of authority, who go out of their way to demean male officers; and Asian officers who watch it all without raising a word of protest because they just want to avoid conflict.

Dorner even encourages civilians not to help police officers in need because “they would not do the same for you.”

What people are saying

34 thoughts on “Support for Christopher Dorner Spreads Across Internet

  1. Anonymous says:

    BlackRambo has exposed the LAPD's terroristic tactics.

  2. Sherri Bice Schneider says:


  3. It all boils down to NOBODY'S SUPERVISING THE SUPERVISORS, THAT NEED SUPERVISION so it becmes a wash/wash… the blame is on no one.

  4. Murdering the family of the man you work with makes Mr. Dorner's protestations of innocence moot. Maybe he was terminated wrongly, maybe there is corruption within the LAPD, there probably is, BUT murdering people is not the way to clear your name. We have a legal system, sue the officers involved, use the media to expose the corruption, etc. You just can't go around killing people. What's scary to me is that some people don't see how wrong that is. I'm sad for all involved. Clearly, Mr. Dorner is struggling with anger and possibly mental health issues, those showing support for him in terms of the murders probably are not struggling with those same issues. I would feel very badly for Mr. Dorner had he not killed 3 people, 2 of whom where completely innocent bystanders. Just my opinion, nobody needs to respond or call me names.

  5. Resty Restituyo says:

    On the other hand; everyone has a breaking point and, when the people you are supposed to file a complaint with are the actual criminals, what does one do next? Killing anyone to make his point may not have been the best way to do so; but, here we are paying attention. It seems like we are more reactive than proactive and need to have these things happen to review and correct our problems. The guy was a cop and and naval officer who nobody, but the cops, had anything bad to say about him. How does that happen?

  6. Alicia M Orr says:

    You are all so ignorant. Why don't you all take a second and actually read this man's manifesto and then you tell me if if its all lies still?! If you have been stripped of everything especially a mans honor and dignity I bet you'd do the same. He's an extremist and am idealist and guess what through war births change and change is needed right now

  7. Steve Callas says:

    Do you support school shooters too? Its the same thing.

  8. Do your research Cheryl, he did everything possible within the law. The LAPD and others within the judicial system made sure his efforts would not accomplish anything.

    "Maybe he was terminated wrongly, maybe there is corruption within the LAPD, there probably is…" MAYBE ! ? What world are YOU living in?

    There is no evidence right now that he killed that couple. It's possible that her Asian father and cop killed those two because she was with a black man, a perfect opportunity to make it look like Chris Dorner did it.

  9. Steve Callas – don't start that stupid comparison

  10. You're correct, you are an idiot.

  11. This man is a hero. Go to YouTube and search the word "cop". Look at one video after another and then assess how you feel about cops.

  12. Dilip Sen says:

    i donjt agree with some of his allleged actions but the man has my support.

  13. Dilip Sen says:

    you are certainly that, trash

  14. Coming from the ghetto (South Central LA), witnessing corruption, racism, discrimination first hand, I support him 100%. Without the unspeakable acts that have been done, so many individuals would have not heard of his situation. Now the LAPD is giving a reward for his capture. Naw, this is between him and LAPD. You can find him on your own. The minorities will not help you at all. You brought this upon yourself, deal with it. Its just the same when we call upon you (LAPD), you say "Sorry, there's nothing we can do!" Just admit he was wrongfully accused, and he promised he would stop, your call.

  15. For the record, I'm living on the East Coast. I have no idea of the LAPD is corrupt, but even if it is, it doesn't mean murder (or threats of murder) are acceptable. This will not clear Mr. Dorner's name. Instead, he has thrown away a once promising life for vengeance. He will most likely not come out of this alive, and so he brings further suffering to those that care for him.

  16. Cindy Manning says:

    Let's offer a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the LAPD thugs who shot innocent bystanders. Then, let them take Chris Dorner into custody humanely, and give him a fair trial. When these things have come to pass, hell will promptly freeze over.

  17. Sean Wulf says:

    The interesting thing is that his manifesto exudes desperation rather than insanity. The fact appears to be that this is an educated, well-trained idealist who was pushed beyond his personal means to cope with the situation. Hopefully the truth will out, whatever it may be. But either way, he is rapidly gaining a William Wallace type image. His supporters are not found soley amongst Angelinos or minorities.

  18. Michael Mantion says:

    Men of action follow morals, not laws. If innocent people have to die to bring down or at least hurt police, so be it. We spend billions each year on corrupt useless police that abuse their power and burden society. Good cops are always driven out or corrupted by the system. They system promotes those who support the current power and sustain the corrupt organization.

  19. Michael Mantion says:

    In war there is death. Surrender if you wish but I am glad someone has taken up the cause of liberty and is willing to spill the bloods of those who oppress and those who are sustained by that oppression.

  20. Robin Vance Eacret says:

    Anyone who thinks the murder of innocent people is justified in any way, is just as sick as Dorner. What kind of place has our nation become?

  21. Robin Vance Eacret says:

    Michael Mantion – In war there is NOT death of TARGETED innocent people. Do innocent people die? Yes. Are innocent people targets, no. What he did is wrong. No justification. End of subject. I wonder Michael, how glad you would be that he has taken up the cause if it were your loved ones killed by him.

  22. Robin Vance Eacret says:

    To the alarmingly high number of you siding with him, I wonder how supportive you would be if it were your children who were killed by this psycho. "Well yes, he shot my innocent daughter, but I'm glad he did it. At least people are paying attention now."

  23. "You can't just go around killing people…"

    Yes you can. And in Chris Dorner's case, it is the appropriate course of action. Essentially, police officers and military personnel believe that they CAN go around killing, controlling, dominating, and forcing themselves upon other people in any manner.

    Chris Dorner is an American Hero.

  24. I'm in no way saying that what he did is right AT ALL, but he knew the system would FUCK him again, and it would take a long time to prosecute those that have done wrong. He is raging war. It's sad that someone had to die, but in any war, innocent blood is shed. My heart goes out to those innocent people, but there are consequences for your actions, especially when you can shit on people and then sleep like a baby at night, and it's sad that there are others that have/are going thru the same thing, but are in fear of speaking out simply because of what happened to this man. There's always going to be those that will be praised , protected and promoted for basically being a piece of shit, so I understand his anger. They all wronged this man, and if you've never been lied on and or discriminated against you wouldn't understand, and to lose as much as he did when he only tried to do right and be honest is freakin INSANE!!!! #theseedsyousow

  25. Anonymous says:

    A couple hundred years ago or so, the names Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln were called terrorists and traitors. Today they called Visionaries, Heroes, Patriots and the Fathers of OUR Country. This was not because they allowed a Dictatorship to stand in the way of Democracy. To all who will listen, it's obvious that Chris Dorner was wronged and the System allowed this to happen. A well meaning Officer reported illegal actions concerning a Supervising (not Superior) Officer and was wrongly terminated for his honesty. WAKE UP!

  26. Amazing when a person is rating on the bases of pure hearsay. Absent any objective or subjective information this person declares that another person they know absolutely nothing about is potentially insane, killed completely innocent people, if he would have gone to court he would have received justice. how naïve can one person be. going around killing people? you got to be delusional. search the world news and see how many innocent people are being killed and for what reason. Revenge is not the reason for the death of three people; greed is the reason for the death of millions. if u are in my house destroying it, and I have been in no way involved in your house u are the agent of the devil and all the evil that hell represents. dare you judge blood when you are baptized in it. say the same thing about the killer of children George Zimmerman then come talk to me about the death of innocent adults. the hate that hate brings.

  27. Sarah Elizabeth says:

    "We have a legal system, sue the officers involved, use the media to expose the corruption, etc."
    This is a joke, right? Do you not realize how many people have done this, and how many times it has not solved anything? The answer is every time.

  28. Marion Josey Baker says:

    He has brought his accusations to National Attention that's for sure.

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