Robin Roberts Returns to Co-Host Good Morning America on Feb. 20

Robin Roberts will return to “Good Morning America” on February 20 after making extraordinary progress in her battle with MDS.

It’s been over five months since Robin had to say a temporary farewell to her “Good Morning America” family. The beloved news anchor departed on sick leave as she prepared take on the rare blood disorder.

The 52-year-old co-host was forced to undergo a major bone marrow transplant to treat the illness, and while the journey was a difficult one she managed to conquer every obstacle with a beaming smile and an optimistic attitude.

During her sick leave, she still made several appearances on “Good Morning America” via live feeds, but on February 20 she’ll be back in person to greet her adoring fans with her usual heart warming smile.

“What a difference a year makes,” she said in a statement Thursday. “I cannot wait to return to my ‘GMA’ family. It’s going to be an incredible morning in Times Square.”

It will be an “incredible morning” for viewers as well who have followed Robin’s incredible story and have always kept her in their prayers.

“The overwhelming thoughts and prayers of the viewers have played a major part in getting me here today,” she continued. “I cannot thank everyone enough.”

Of course, the public didn’t need any thanks. Her return to the show and a full recovery is all anyone was hoping for.

Before making the official announcement of the co-host’s return, “GMA” and Roberts’ doctors made sure she did several “dry runs” to see how her body reacted to being around so many people and the stressful environment of the studio.

Fortunately, everything has checked out and it seems like even MDS couldn’t keep the vivacious anchor away for too long.

In order to celebrate her return to “Good Morning America” ABC will also air a special edition of “20/20” on Friday, Feb. 22 that will give viewers a detailed look at Robin’s story. The special will cover everything from the “GMA” host’s initial battle with breast cancer to losing her mother while she herself was in the midst of battling MDS – and how she never lost hope during the entire ordeal.

Her strength and positive outlook on life encouraged many viewers who were facing similar struggles and “GMA” made sure to share some of their stories as well during their co-host’s medial leave.

The talk show has featured several “other resilient men and women who are facing similar challenges with MDS” who pointed out how Robin’s story inspired them when they needed it the most.

For some it was as simple as having faith that if she could make it through, they could make it as well. For others, it was simply seeing her joyful, positive energy throughout the process that encouraged them to aim to be just as cheerful no matter what obstacles they had to face.

Meanwhile, Roberts has also been easing her way back into the social world and she even made it out to some Super Bowl parties last weekend. Her doctors encouraged her to “gradually enter more social and professional situations” so her body could begin adapting to all the possibly hectic environments.

The network has not confirmed if she will make her appearance with a wig or if she will go without hair, but either way fans are ready to welcome the gorgeous, friendly face back into their homes every morning.


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