Health Apps Support Weight, Exercise, Diet Plans

In between playing Angry Birds, making grocery lists or paying bills, Canadians are tracking their health, such as weight, exercise, or blood sugar levels, with smartphone apps.

Mobile health is quickly gaining in popularity as Canadians download and use apps to track their daily routines. Some studies estimate that there are already more than 40,000 health-related apps floating around.

Global News spoke with Canadian doctors and nutritionists for their pick of favorite health apps:

1. MyFitnessPal – Handfuls of doctors readily recommended this app. It’s free, boasts the largest food database of any calorie counter with more than 2 million foods, and it helps track exercise.

2. Fitocracy – Obesity expert Dr. Yoni Freedhoff suggests this app for exercise bunnies and gym rookies trying to get the hang of the gym. You can add friends to your network and track workouts, post results to Facebook and Twitter and browse profiles of other exercisers. Online dating for the extremely fit?

3. GluCoMo – Global National health specialist Dr. Ali Zentner recommends this app to help diabetics keep track of their blood sugar levels and insulin intake. Data can even be sent straight to the doctor.

4. Day One – Toronto-based nutritionist Marisa Falconi tells her clients to download this app to keep track of their eating habits and their mood, keeping in mind that your feelings may be what’s hurting your diet. “You’d be amazed at how many people find out that what they thought was their favourite food is actually causing their migraines or energy loss,” she said…

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