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Boyz II Men Hired by Russian President to Make Babies?

Boyz II Men has been hired by Russian President Vladimir Putin who hopes to harness the power of their baby making music to save the Russian population.

While that may sound like a terrible pilot for a new super hero series, we’re not kidding around with this one.

Russian birthrates have been decreasing and the country’s overall population is also spiraling downward.

So what was Putin’s solution to the problem? Hire Boyz II Men to come serenade the country and swoon them into making love to one another – we’re still being serious by the way.

With hits like “I’ll Make Love To You” and “On Bended Knee,” Putin feels like the group’s “powerful voices” may be just what his people need to get back in the mood.

Calling on the aid of the R&B crooners is just the latest move the Russian president has made as a part of his fertility campaign.

With Valentine’s Day well on its way also, Putin feels like this is the perfect time to have the romantic men come and serenade the country on February 6.

While the gig may be a little strange and it certainly places a lot of responsibility on the influence of their music, the band is ready to take on the task thanks to their loyal Russian fans.

“Russian audiences have always shown us a lot of love” the trio told the Moscow Times. “It’s amazing for us to see fans across the world who know every lyric to our songs. We really appreciate all the support they have given us over the years.”

If you’re still not taking Putin’s strategy seriously, consider how much money he’s forking over to do whatever it takes to increase the Russian population.

In 2011, he announced that he was ready to spend a whopping $53 billion to help increase reproduction rates by 2015.

“The norm in Russia should be three children,” the 60-year-old Russian leader said in December.

The current average, however, is merely 1.7 children born to each woman.

The goal of the fertility campaign is to manage to get the birth rates to rise “at last above the mortality rate.”

Only problem is, while the birth rate is unusually low for Russia their death rates are also unusually high.

The world’s largest country (in square miles) has serious problems with pollution and unhealthy habits.

Increasingly high rates of smoking, heroin use, pollution, alcoholism, and poverty are causing the population to pass away much more quickly than children are being born.

Surprisingly, there has been much more focus into simply raising birth rates than decreasing death rates. By the year 2050 the Russian population is expected to drop from 142 million to 116 million.

President Putin is aiming to use his campaign – along with his secret weapon, Boyz II Men – to boost the nation’s birth rate by nearly 25 percent over the span of three years.

He doesn’t have much time to spare however; as more families are falling into poverty and some experts are predicting that another one million people will be dropped from the Russian work force each year until 2017.

For now, the fate of the Russian population lays in the hands of Nathan Morris, Wanya Morris, and Shawn Stockman – Boyz II Men? More like Boyz II The Rescue!!


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