Lily Rabe Confirmed For 'American Horror Story' Season 3

That Ryan Murphy really does play favorites. The American Horror Story creator took to Twitter last night to announce that the Lily Rabe will be back for the show’s third season.

In the first season Rabe played a sad, flapper ghost. In the second season she was a possessed nun with some dirty secrets. No news yet on what role she’ll have in the third season, but if it’s anything like her past characters she’ll be super messed up. The third season  of AHS will have a prominent “girl power” theme, which means the main mysterious bad guy (comparable to season 2’s Bloody Face, or season 1’s rubber suit man) will also be female. Season 3 will be a love story set in modern times.

As we told you earlier, Jessica Lange, Evan Peters, and Sarah Paulson have also confirmed their return for the third season.

Sadly we have to wait until fall for American Horror Story to return. In the mean time FX’s The American’s has taken over the AHS time slot and seems like it will be a decent replacement, for now.

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