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Brian McKnight Set to Release New Album ‘More Than Words’

Brian McKnight is set to release a new album this spring, entitled More Than Words.

In an interview with Lifestyle Magazine, McKnight had some thoughts on the current R&B market, and the dominance of  hip-hop.

“I think that it’s melded itself into a hip hop/singing category. We don’t have a name for it, but I think that because there are people singing over these hip-hop tracks, people tend to call that R&B, ” he said. McKnight continued, lamenting that “there are those of us out there who are now in our late 30s, 40s who are still making it, unfortunately, that’s not mainstream enough.”

McKnight does cite one young R&B star who he believes can carry on the tradition of smooth vocals and romantic lyrics. “Now, there’s Ne-Yo, to me who is continuing that trend. He’s able to sort of mix everything, old with the new. But there’s only one of those guys. Everybody else has taken the ‘swaggerific’ approach to R&B.”

Mcknight looks forward to a more classic approach on More Than Words. He also credits fans for helping to inspire him to make a good record.

The singer uses social media to eliminate boundaries between himself and his fans. “I am fortunate that there is no wall between myself and my fans,” insist Brian. “We communicate at live shows and especially through Twitter and social media. I ask them what they want and they tell me. Hopefully on this album I have succeeded again in giving them what they want.”

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