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Tina Fey Confirms 'Mean Girls' The Musical Is In The Works

At last night’s SAG awards, Tina Fey confirmed that a Mean Girls musical is a real possibility. That news is, like, so fetch!

When asked about a musical Mean Girls, Fey told E! “Maybe! We want to. I would love to. I’m trying to develop it with my husband, who does all the music for 30 Rock and I think Paramount’s on board.” Sounds like the ball is rolling for the hit movie to become a hit musical. The next step? Casting!

Mariah Carey would work that pink velour sweatsuit

Fey revealed Mariah Carey would be her choice to play Amy Poehler’s role as the “cool mom.”  Carey has the pipes to carry any musical, plus she’s probably a pretty cool mom to twins Moroccan and Monroe, so the idea doesn’t seem half bad. Fey’s comment comes on the heels of a recent American Idol feud. Fellow judge Nicki Minaj accused Mariah Carey of being Regina George, the main Mean Girl. Carey insisted she was “no Regina George'” and Fey agreed that she’d be better suited as the over-the-top fun loving Mrs. George clad in a pink Juicy sweatsuit.

As for other casting, Amanda Seyfried could always reprise her role as the delightfully dimwitted Karen Smith. After her musical performances in Mamma Mia! and Les Miserables the young actress has proved she can definitely carry a tune. If Seyfried is too busy with her silver screen career, Glee’s dopey blonde Heather Morris could always fill in…and with her legendary dance moves maybe even do a better job. As for the other characters, Smash’s “mean girl” and Broadway veteran Megan Hilty would make a killer Regina George. Speaking of Glee and Smash, both Lea Michele or Katharine McPhee would be stellar as Cady Heron, the lead role made famous by the now infamous Lindsay Lohan. Lea Michele would also do a great job as Gretchen Wieners, but it’s hard to imagine her as anything but a lead role.

I could spent hours speculating the perfect musical roles for all of these characters (and probably will in my free time), but only time (and Tina Fey) will tell who will actually earn the coveted roles of the musical Mean Girls. 

Tune in for more updates as Mean Girls the musical develops, in the mean time share your casting thoughts in the comments section below!

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