Oprah says LL Cool J's Childhood Abuse Was Really 'Torture'

LL Cool J opened up to Oprah about  his childhood abuse as he became the focus of Oprah’s next big interview on Oprah’s Next Chapter.

This isn’t the first time LL Cool J talked about being abused as a child, but it certainly is the most details he’s ever given about his troubled past.

The rapper turned actor wrote about his ordeal in his 1998 autobiography “I Make My Own Rules,” but now he’s sitting down with the queen of daytime television to reveal even more.

James Todd Smith, who we’ve all come to know as LL Cool J, was abused by a friend of his mother’s who was a frequent guest in their home. The stories of what James went through are so heartbreaking that Mrs. Winfrey doesn’t even consider it to be abuse – she see’s it as torture.

“You also write about being a little boy, and one of your mother’s friends – you call it abuse, but it was torture,” the journalism icon said.

The “Control Myself” rapper agreed that it was indeed a rough thing to go through before he clarified that although the abuse wasn’t sexual, it was painful and humiliating.

“Yeah, it wasn’t sexual. It was just… take all your clothes off…” LL told Oprah as she gave him a worried look.

According to the autobiography there pretty much wasn’t a single thing that wouldn’t have gotten the younger LL beaten senseless.

“You’d get beat for opening a refrigerator,” Winfrey said. “…beat for watching TV…”

“Yeah, kicked out in the snow,” Cool J added as Oprah listed off the terrible things he was forced to endure.

That’s when she put the entire troubled childhood into perspective and revealed what made the abuse both physical and psychological.

“You got beat for being yourself…” she added.

The rapper turned actor confirmed that she was absolutely right before she went on to ask “What’s the worst thing that happened to you, that you can speak of,” she asked.

“Oh man, just, you know – beat with vacuum cleaner pipes – you know, strip naked put your hands on the bunk bed… get back down … stand back up,” the NCIS: Los Angeles star answered.

Oprah interjected and reinforced her point that it was “torture,” not abuse.

Cool J’s wife will also be joining her husband during the interview before the daytime talk show queen also chats with the couple’s children.

The episode will air at 9 p.m. on OWN and becomes just the latest ground breaking interview Oprah has had lately. Audiences were stunned when she sat down with Lance Armstrong who finally came clean about his performance enhancing drug use. Even her interview with Rihanna shocked many who saw that the hardcore RiRi they saw in concert and on Twitter really did have a soft side.

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