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Black 'American Idol' Contestants Accuse Show Of Being Racist…

Between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carrey cat fights, bad ratings, and the announcement of  Randy “Big Dawg” Jackson’s departure, American Idol hasn’t been able to catch a break this season. Today, news for the show may break the camels back or sink the show into an even deeper hole.

Nine former American Idol contestants, who are all black and from different seasons, are suing the hit talent show. The former cast member are all claiming that they were forced off American Idol as part of a racist discriminatory plot to help boost ratings.

According to sources, a letter was submitted to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission by NY attorney James H. Freeman regarding the case. The document asks for authorization to file a lawsuit against American Idol and FOX on behalf of his clients. Standard procedure says Freeman is required to file with the United States E.E.O.C. before pursuing the lawsuit.

In the document, Freeman claims he noticed something strange about American Idol when Jermaine Jones was publicly dismissed from the show on March 15, 2012. He conducted an investigation and found that producers only openly kicked off 9 other cast members from the show since the beginning, all who were also black.

Full list of all the ex-contestants who are involved in the lawsuit:

Corey Clark (Season 2)
Jaered Andrews (Season 2)
Donnie Williams (Season 3)
Terrell Brittenum (Season 5)
Derrell Brittenum (Season 5)
Thomas Daniels (Season 6)
Akron Watson (Season 6)
Ju’Not Joyner (Season 8)
Chris Golightly (Season 9)

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