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Shaggy Not Dead: Reggae Artist Alive Despite Internet Death Hoax

Reggae singer Shaggy is alive and wellShaggy Not Dead: If you were mourning the death of Shaggy after reports that the singer was stabbed in an L.A. night club, then cry no more. The reggae pop star of “It Wasn’t Me” fame is alive and well. He’s the latest victim of an Internet death hoax. Apparently the new was so convincing that someone took to his Wiki page to update it with news of his untimely death. Hopefully, an in-the-know fan will remove that false information and let Shaggy live…literally.

Shaggy isn’t the first celebrity of yesteryear to be killed off via the Internet. Back in 2007, famed comedian Sinbad was killed off in an Internet hoax. He had been alerted by his daughter and several family friends that he was indeed dead…at least according to the World Wide Web. In order to clear his name and alert the world that he was, in fact, still alive, Sinbad did an interview with TV Guide proclaiming, “I’m not dead.” Eventually, he had the last laugh; touring again and making a sort-of comeback DVD entitled, ‘Sinbad: Where you been?” The title almost pokes fun at his Internet death.

Perhaps one of those most legendary actors of our time, Morgan Freeman, is a constant fixture in death hoaxes. In 2012, Freeman was killed off in a variety of ways via the Internet. The seemingly eternal actor is indeed alive and well; just like Shaggy and Sinbad. The difference between the ‘Shawshank Redemption’ actor and the others mentioned is that Freeman is seen constantly; on-screen, at awards shows and more. So, Morgan Freeman not deadInternet pranksters targeting the great actor for death routinely makes little sense.

Eddie Murphy is among those who are routinely killed off in dramatic fashion via the Internet as well.

Celebrity death hoaxes happen so often there’s even a list of celebrities that the public might think are dead, but aren’t. Back in 2010 a list of assumed dead celebrities surfaced with names such as Betty White and Jaleel White (no relation, obviously). Ironically, both Betty and Jaleel have made mini-comebacks in recent years. Mr. White was appeared on the hit show ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ and everyone’s favorite Golden Girl Betty appeared in a number of commercials and even has a show on NBC where older people prank the general public. No death hoaxes though.

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