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Cowboys’ Jay Ratliff Charged with DWI

Dallas Cowboys starting nose tackle Jay Ratliff was arrested and charged with DWI Tuesday morning after being involved in a car crash with an 18-wheeler, according to senior officer Sam Shemwell of the Grapevine, Texas, police.

Ratliff and the truck driver did not sustain injuries, according to Shemwell.

Police responded to the 2800 block East State Highway 114 at 12:36 a.m. Ratliff refused a breathalyzer and failed a field sobriety test. He was /arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated, according to

Ratliff was released from the Grapevine jail after posting bond, but was unavailable for comment Tuesday morning. Both Cowboys officials and Mark Slough, Ratliff’s agent, declined comment.

Ratliff’s arrest makes the second time a Cowboys player has been charged with a DWI in the last several weeks.

Former Cowboys backup nose tackle Josh Brent was charged on Dec. 8 with involuntary manslaughter resulting in the death of his college teammate and friend Jerry Brown. Brown was a member of the Cowboys practice squad.

Brent faces up to 20 years in prison if he is convicted on one count of intoxication manslaughter. He could also receive probation. Brent is currently free on $100,000 bond and is required to wear an alcohol monitor.

Ratliff and Brent both share a close relationship with one another, but both men opted to not use the Cowboys service that provides players with a ride home if they have been drinking.

Ratliff made headlines late in the Cowboys tumultuous season after getting into a heated confrontation with Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones. The two had to be separated from one another.

Jones addressed the argument that he had with Ratliff on Tuesday afternoon.

“As far as I’m concerned, he is outstanding, he has given everything he’s ever had to the Dallas Cowboys,” Jones said. “With me, any of that emotion that was involved between us is only reflected back on many times that we’ve had in our own way some emotional time with each other. And it in no way before was ever contentious.”

Jones described Ratliff as “family” and said the two of them have put the argument behind them.

While Ratliff awaits his court hearing on the charge, the NFL will surely investigate his arrest. He could potentially face a fine or suspension under the NFL conduct policy.

Ratliff played in only six games this past season. He underwent a hernia surgery in December, but remained on the Cowboys active list because they hoped he could return if they made it to the playoffs.


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