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Leonardo DiCaprio Takes A Break From Acting To Be A Real Life 'Captain Planet'

Leonardo DiCaprio recently announced he would be taking a break from acting, perhaps to heal the wounds of another round of Oscar snubs.

The Django Unchained actor gave yet another remarkable performance in Quentin Taratino’s Oscar nominated film, however Academy voters ignored DiCaprio yet again. The Academy also forgot about the legendary actor and his roles in Titanic, Romeo + Juliet, Revolutionary Road, Shutter Island, Gangs of New York, Catch Me If You Can, J. Edgar, and oh yeah, Inception. DiCaprio has been nominated in years past with his roles in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, The Aviator, and Blood Diamond but has never received a little gold statuette to grace his mantle. There’s no doubt DiCaprio has given his all to some of these roles and deserves a little more recognition. Are the seemingly endless snubs enough to make this actor retire completely? Probably not, but he is going to take a break and save the world for a little while.

DiCaprio doesn’t plan to just sulk in self pity during his acting hiatus, he’s actually on a mission to solve the world’s environmental problems, or as he puts it, “improve the world a bit.” tells us the actor plans to “fly around the world doing good for the environment.” Sounds suspiciously like a certain blue super hero from the 90’s…

While DiCaprio will be missed in the silver screen, his valiant efforts for the environment  as a modern day Captain Planet  (sans spandex suit and magic rings) won’t go unnoticed. It’s incredibly admirable that the A-list actor isn’t planning on just lounging about on his yacht in the Mediterranean during his much deserved break.

DiCaprio fans don’t fret yet, we still have his performances in The Great Gatsby and The Wolf Of Wall Street to look forward to later this year. I guess we’ll let him have this little break, but only if he promises to come back to acting and earn the Oscar he deserves.

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