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Barbara Walters Hospitalized After Fall – Still in Recovery

Barbara Walters was hospitalized after taking a nasty fall at an Inauguration party at an ambassadors home. The 83-year old tripped on a step at the home of Peter Westmacott, United States ambassador from Great Britain. Her injuries were minor, however, receiving just a cut on her forehead after her tumble. Out of caution or her well-being, she was taken to the hospital for examination.

Good news. After Ms. Walters was admitted, sources from ABC say she was, “telling everyone what to do, which we all take as a very positive sign.” While the leader of ‘The View’ panel is reportedly doing well, Walters is still hospitalized with no word on when she will be released.

The 83-year old usually isn’t in the news for health concerns. She has enjoyed a lively career during her lifetime. As one of the first female anchors to lead a network new show, Walters was a trailblazer for women like Katie Couric and Diane Sawyer. She has worked with some of the biggest networks, first NBC and later ABC. However, her claim to fame are her legendary interviews. For all her hard work, the news icon earned a cool $1million annual salary; an unheard of sum for a female news anchor at the time.

Barbara Walters keeps herself busier than most people half her age. In addition to making guest appearances on ‘The View’ and continuing her tradition of celebrity interviews, she conducts her annual ’10 Most Fascinating People’ interviews; where she delivers the hard-hitting questions. In 2012, she interviewed New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and frankly asked him if he was fit enough to becoming president. Considering he is more than a little overweight (by his own admission), that question shows Barbara isn’t afraid to approach subjects that other journalists might shy away from.

While Ms. Walters is an accomplished journalist and interviewer, her job isn’t always serious in nature. A fun fact about her is that on New Year’s Eve in 1962 she dressed up as a Playboy bunny at the legendary club in of the same name in New York City.  She actually took a shift working there for the night and reported on it in a later broadcast for NBC.

We’re wishing the television icon a speedy recovery.

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