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Tatyana Ali Admits to Bizarre 'Crying' Ritual to Lose Weight

Tatyana Ali new showIf you wanted to know weird things about Tatyana Ali now’s your chance. The ‘Fresh Price of Bel Air’ alum admits to crying a few times a day to reduce belly bloating, that she dates more than just White guys and that she’s all about one-night stands.


Ms. Ali did an interview with Huffington post and admitted all sorts of anecdotes one might not expect from the pint-sized woman so many remember as Ashley Banks. But, it wasn’t all crazy one-night stand talk. Tatyana revealed the single piece of advice that her super famous one-time co-star Will Smith gave her. Her on-screen big brother told her  ‘Never be afraid to be on your own. It can mean that your path is only up to you, and the possibilities are wide open. Anything can happen.’ Ali said she has applied that advice not only to her career in acting, but in her dating and love life as well.

In other news, Tatyana did admit to the bizarre ritual of crying to reduce bloating, but her exercise regimen doesn’t consist of that in its entirety. However, the 5 foot, 4 inch beauty did take some time off from exercise while studying at Harvard. (And really, who wouldn’t?) Once she began dabbling back into the acting world, she realized that she had a little work to do in order to reclaim the size 4 that she was used to.

Ali said, “I wouldn’t call myself one of the ”skinny girls”, but I’m small. I’m 5’4″ and I wear a size 4; I’m small.’ However in the fickle world of Hollywood, her size 4 is considered, “curvy” my many in the industry. Tatyana was made aware of that when she saw herself featured in a popular magazine in a fashion face-off. “But still, I was recently featured in a magazine in one of those “who wore it best” sections and I was called the “curvy girl.”

When she’s not crying, the fabulous Ms. Ali has kept busy in the hit series TV One series ‘Love that Girl’ and has picked up another role in the new BET series ‘Second Generation Wayans.’

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