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Amanda Bynes's New Cheek Piercing Start of a New Trend?

Retired actress Amanda Bynes’s new cheek piercing is raising questions about her sanity, just how painful is cheek piercing and will this trend take off. Much like Beyonce’s box braids causing a frenzy online last year and the hairstyle being a hit over the fall/winter, Bynes cheek piercing threatens to do the same.

The former Disney star shared the photo on her Tumblr page. According to ABC,

Bynes shared photos on her Tumblr Jan. 14 of a new piercing in her left cheek. The 26-year-old sported bleach blonde hair, oversized sunglasses and a bright blue shirt. Bynes captioned the photo with a simple smiley face.

The “Easy A” star has stayed relatively quiet since her reckless behavior last year. The former child star was charged with a DUI last June, two counts of hit-and-run in September and two separate charges of driving with a suspended license. She was also photographed in her car smoking what looked like a pipe.

The photo will likely be a hot item throughout the weekend, giving plenty of young men and women an opportunity to ponder a cheek piercing of their own. However, the trend is unlikely to take off given the cloud of concern over Bynes’ mental well-being. According to The Stir,

Tattoos, body piercings, shaved heads (ala Britney Spears), what have you, I typically figure to each his or her own when it comes to personal expression (and silently pray my children NEVER consider any of them). But this — for her — feels like yet another cry for help.

Bynes has been on what seems to be such a self-destructive and bizarre course for so long now, so I suppose it’s not surprising.


What do you think? Is Bynes’ new cheek piercing a trend or a cry for help?

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