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Egyptian President Morsi Condemned for Zionist Remarks

Anti-semitic remarks from Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi will not prevent the country from receiving economic aid from the United States, based on public comments from U.S. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz). Videos of Morsi making degrading statements about Zionists and Jewish people surfaced earlier this week, trapping the Muslim leader is a difficult political situation. A spokesman for Morsi said that the videos in which the president calls Zionists “bloodsuckers” and the “descendants of apes and pigs” were taken out of context.

Prior to becoming Egypt’s president, Morsi led the Muslim Brotherhood, which has often received criticism for its fundamentalist views. A pair of videos recorded in 2010 show Morsi preaching hate against Jews as a member of the Guidance Office of the Muslim Brotherhood.

“We must never forget, brothers, to nurse our children and our grandchildren on hatred for them: for Zionists, for Jews,” Morsi said in one of the videos recorded in 2010. Egyptian children “must feed on hatred; hatred must continue,” he said. “The hatred must go on for God and as a form of worshiping him.”

“The land of Palestine will not be freed except through resistance,” he added.

Ironically, Morsi has been accused of being too sympathetic to Israel and western policies since taking office. Now that the videos have surfaced, Morsi has damaged foreign relationships, but could also risk losing Muslim supporters should he apologize for his remarks.

McCain condemned Morsi’s comments, but will continue trying to provide more aid to Egypt, acting as the head of a congressional delegation to the country as it rebuilds. According to the Associated Press, McCain told reporters that the delegation would seek $480 million in assistance for Egypt.

In the videos Morsi attacked America, France and Europe as Zionist supporters, referring to President Barack Obama as a liar with “empty meaningless words.” Morsi’s foreign policy decisions as president have not reflected his statements from more than two years ago, perhaps his only saving grace during the ongoing scandal.


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2 thoughts on “Egyptian President Morsi Condemned for Zionist Remarks

  1. Joe Kelsall says:

    It could well be that Morsi remembers the false flag operations carried out against Americans and UK citizens by Egyptian Jews in order to get the UK and USA to attack Egypt. 'The Lavon Affair' is just one: In 1954, Israeli agents working in Egypt planted bombs in several buildings, including a United States diplomatic facility, and left evidence behind implicating Arabs as the culprits. The ruse would have worked, had not one of the bombs detonated prematurely, allowing the Egyptians to capture and identify one of the bombers, which in turn led to the round up of an Israeli spy ring.

  2. Joe Kelsall says:

    By the way, the Lavon Gang committed suicide while in prison, as did the Jews at Masada.

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