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Robin Roberts Returning to GMA Much Sooner Than Expected

Robin Roberts return to “Good Morning America” will be sooner than many thought. Roberts appeared via live feed to share the news that she’ll be returning in a matter of “weeks, not months.”

Robin Roberts has been incredibly strong throughout her battle with M.D.S that took her away from the job she loved – co-hosting on “GMA.”

Co-workers and fans of the show have been anxiously awaiting her return, but news from last year revealed she would not be able to make a return until the middle of 2013.

Fortunately, her health has actually taken a drastic turn for the best and Roberts is preparing to return to the show very soon.

“Good Morning America,” she exclaimed on the live feed. “I am excited.”

Robin had no hair in the live feed, but her wide smile was beaming she looked stunning.

“I’m so happy to be sharing this news with everybody,” the “GMA” co-host continued. “I met with my doctors last week. My blood count continues to improve. My beloved sister, Sally-Ann, my donor; her cells continue to make themselves at home in my body.”

It was back in September that the beloved news anchor received the bone marrow transplant and doctors were convinced that although the road to recovery would be sure and steady, it would also be slow.

Looks like the doctors underestimated the will power the journalist had to get back to the show and join her family on air once again.

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