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Boxer Mike Tyson Guest Starring on NBC’s ‘Law & Order: SVU’

Legendary boxing champion Mike Tyson will punch up his acting when he plays a convicted murderer on NBC’s Law & Order: SVU.

Tyson is no stranger to the camera, both on television and the silver screen. He’s had cameos on HBO’s Entourage, Breaking In, and Who’s The Boss. Additionally, he made quite the impression on Zach Galifianakis (literally) in the 2009 box office comedy hit, The Hangover. Law & Order: SVU will be Tyson’s first real acting gig, according to Deadline. He’ll be delving into his dark and dramatic side when he guest-stars as convicted felon Reggie Rhodes, a murderer whose violent tendencies result from a particularly tragic childhood. His character will already be on death row when introduced, but he somehow connects to the latest investigation of Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay)…

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3 thoughts on “Boxer Mike Tyson Guest Starring on NBC’s ‘Law & Order: SVU’

  1. Josh Swope says:

    Jeez, you don't know anything about Mike Tyson aside from what the media has told you. A recovering rape victim trying to bring down another human who was falsely accused to make herself feel better. Do you have any idea how many times Desiree Washington cried rape previously to that? Are you going to counsel Tyson from the abuse you're bringing upon him? He's a completely new man from his younger years, hes moved on from negativity while you're stuck in the past. And you're quoting things from him that are over a decade old. A young Caucasian girl acting like she knows what it was like growing up as an African American in Brooklyn, New York. You could never understand his out lashes in public because you will never experience growing up in the projects. No law, no father, drug addicted mom, constant violence, maybe you should take a course on psychology before attacking people based on what the media relays. I can tell you're the type of person who believes whatever she reads and acts upon it. Well we're at it we should have OJ Simpson give a peace/love seminar and Casey Anthony give one on child care since a verdict is always right. Shame on you. The difference between you two is that he would help you if you were down, while you would simply judge on the word of a corrupt system.

  2. Will Himes says:

    i signed your petition!! whether he did it or not if he really did say "now i really do want to rape her" whether he is joking or not he should not be allowed to get anywhere near the set!!thanks for creating this petition and for all the hard work you put in helping other victims i hope those sick freaks that assaulted you are rotting in prison!! God Bless!!

  3. Thank you, Will! One was actually killed in a car accident before I came out with my rape and the other was convicted of a lesser (non-sexual abuse charge) and spent one month in jail. Although I have heard he has had more than his fair share of legal woes since. Thank you for asking and for signing the petition. I have had some say that Tyson is a changed man and many of the comments that have been shared are old. The above interview is from a 9/2011 interview with ESPN, Gridlock. There is also a live audio link on the internet. Hope you have a wonderful day!

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