New Trailer for Jackie Robinson Biopic '42'

Jackie Robinson, darling of elementary school history curriculums everywhere, is now getting his own big Hollywood biopic. Or rather, his third big Hollywood biopic, after 1950’s The Jackie Robinson Story and 1996’s Soul of the Game. Now, Warner Bros. has released a trailer for the movie online.

The movie follows Robinson, played here by Chadwick Boseman, as he struggles to gain acceptance after breaking Major League Baseball’s color line when he’s signed to play for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Mainstream America was once not so fond of African Americans intermixing freely with whites, dont’cha know. Harrison Ford also stars as Branch Rickey, the man who signed Robinson to the Dodgers and, based on this trailer, apparently his wise Jedi mentor.

The trailer is nice enough, hitting most of the familiar beats of the biopic. Robinson grows up in hardship, faces adversity, overcomes adversity, etc. etc. etc. 42 comes out April 12th. Check out the trailer:

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