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Trailer for Danny Boyle's 'Trance'

So I didn’t have the foggiest inkling that Danny Boyle had a new movie coming out this year, but what do you know – here’s a trailer for it. What a perfectly pleasant surprise with which to begin the day.

The movie is titled Trance, and stars James McAvoy as an art thief. The plot appears to be as such: Vincent Cassel hits McAvoy on the head, and he forgets where he hid a valuable painting, and so Cassel hires a hypnotist played by Rosario Dawson to help McAvoy remember. And… there’s talk of false memories, so apparently Dawson incepts McAvoy at some point? Who knows. It’s Boyle, so the film is sure to be pumped full of energy, which you can see evident in the trailer.

Trance comes out in the UK on March 27th, and will presumably be hitting our shores sometime later this year. Check out the trailer:

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