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Second 'Pacific Rim' Trailer Hits the Net, Promising More of the Same

The second trailer for Guillermo del Toro’s much anticipated Pacific Rim has hit the net, still promising to cancel the apocalypse in an epic fashion and wow audiences in the very same way.

Pacific Rim marks Guillermo del Toro‘s first return to the director’s chair since Hellboy II: The Golden Army in 2008. But don’t let that fool you. The Mexican director has been hard at work producing some of your favorite recent films, including Splice, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, Kung Fu Panda 2, and 2013’s equally tantalizing upcoming horor, Mama. Guillermo del Toro also has a new version of Pinnochio in pre-production along with a new The Incredible Hulk series supposedly making its debut in 2014.

But on to more important things: giant robots called Jaegers fighting giant monsters known as Kaiju. Pacific Rim will find actors Charlie Hunnam, Ron Perlman, Idris Elba, Rinko Kikuchi and even It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia‘s Charlie Day facilitating that fight, with some considerable aid from CGI. The new trailer, along with the first, has given a substantial amount of evidence indicating that audiences should most definitely come along for the ride.

It’s hard to argue when you see film footage reminiscent of Cloverfield, except instead of seeing civilians merely running for their lives in a futile effort to survive, you see them harnessing available technology and fighting back. Don’t get me wrong though, the footage of monsters terrorizing the populace still remains one of the most attractive.

As of right now, Pacific Rim is set to hit theaters July 12 2013. We’re sure that between now and then, about five more trailers will be released (cross your fingers for a red-band) and an entire camera’s worth of stills will accompany them. For now, sit back and enjoy the trailer below.

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