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Narcissistic Nightmare: 7 Signs You’re Dating a Narcissist

1. If He Or She Works For Applause For A Living.

A narcissist was born to be on cam-ur-rah, the cover of magazines, and always expects to be the center of attention. This is especially true when the success of their career depends on exactly how many people love them. If people don’t love the narcissist, they’re out of a paycheck. When you’re dating a performer of any kind it seems like you’re just asking for it to always be about them, never about you. Madonna, bless her biceps, is probably one of the most famous narcissists out there. Whenever she gets into an argument with a lover/sex friend she probably says something  like, “… I’m worth $650 million dollars. Now, get out of my medieval castle!”

2. You Always Feel Like You’re The One Chasing Them

When you’re dating a narcissist, you forever feel like you’re the one going after them. It seems like they’re just expecting to be loved and desired because they surround themselves with tons of people who love and desire them and maybe there are a lot of people want to be with them. Which means you’re kind of a pawn, just another person to date for the time being. If it doesn’t work out with you, WHATEVER, because the narcissist will just easily coast to the next relationship.

3. They Never Care About Your Problems.

It’s cliche to say but you know it’s true: a narcissist only cares about themselves. They might pretend to be interested in you but they’re just going through the motions, so don’t even bother telling them your life story or your deepest, darkest secrets or other problems. They don’t care! It’s like that episode of “30 Rock” where Jenna says, “That’s a nice story, Jack. But I don’t hear my name in it.” Being self-interested can be tolerable, but it’s hard to swallow when the other person obviously doesn’t give care about your stuff.

4. They Only Make A Move On You When THEY Are Good And Ready.

Ah, the ballad of who’s going to make the first move. It’s kind of the whole purpose of dating someone, because you don’t have to worry about rejection when you go in for the kill or told that they just want to be friends. But when you’re in a relationship with a narcissist, they almost never make the first move. It’s always up to you, and you know deep down that if you never made a move that you probably would never have sex with them. The key is that narcissists do things on their own terms. It’s always about what’s best for them, when they feel like it.

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