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Jerry O'Connell Lands Role On New CBS Comedy Pilot

Right after NBC got rid of the The Munster‘s return to television, actor Jerry O’Connell, who was attached to the show, found another gig with the TV statio’s rival CBS, in a new comedy by Rob Greenberg.

O’Connell joined a cast that include Chris Smith, Kal Penn and Tony Shalhoub. The show, which has not received a name yet, will revolve around a twenty-something ditched groom, Carter (Smith), who finds a living among three older divorced men — Gil (Penn), Frank (Shalhoub) and Stuart (O’Connell) — who he meets in a short-term rental complex. Stuart, a feisty, conservative, and a successful OB/GYN, is in the middle of his second painful divorce.

CBS originally had an off-cycle pilot order in early July and within two weeks, Smith and Penn were casted for parts, and Shalhoub was casted in mid-August. Now, they found their final male lead in O’Connell, the producers expressed earlier that they could not settle on an actor despite the series of tests. Originally, O’Connell wasn’t able to play this part in the series because during the time, he was cast as Herman Munster in NBC’s Munsters reboot, Mockingbird Lane, before the new CBS pilot was greenlighted.

The pilot is expected to begin shooting later this month.

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