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GOP State Senator: Almost No Black People Care About Kwanzaa

For almost 50 years, African-Americans have celebrated Kwanzaa in an effort to divide America. Or at least that would be the holiday tale that Wisconsin State Sen. Glenn Grothman would tell, based off an inflammatory press statement released during the week. The Republican senator attributed the holiday’s prolonged existence to the agenda of left wing white people and questioned its legitimacy.

“Almost no black people today care about Kwanzaa — just white left-wingers who try to shove this down black people’s throats in an effort to divide Americans,” Grothman wrote. “Irresponsible public school districts such as Green Bay and Madison … try to tell a new generation that blacks have a separate holiday than Christians.”

Out of almost 40 million African-Americans, an estimated two million celebrate Kwanzaa. Grothman’s statement doesn’t speak to any of those groups, but instead challenges those who would endanger the American status quo, or force the majority of Americans to recognize their “whiteness.” In the statement, Grothman challenged the views of Maulana Karenga, the black radical who created the holiday in 1966, and argued that the holiday should be “slapped down.”

The GOP’s inability to tolerate a tradition that opposes white normality speaks to the reason for Kwanzaa’s existence. Karenga created the holiday in response to the Los Angeles Watts Riots, an uproar caused by racial tension that injured more than 1,000 people. No doubt, the origins of Kwanzaa are political in nature, but decades after its creation the message belongs to those who observe it.

Taking place in the week after Christmas, and ending on New Year’s Day, Kwanzaa is a celebration meant to reinforce black identity, values and tradition. Regardless of who cares or chooses to identify with it, Kwanzaa is unique in that regard. Grothman’s statement echoes the type of rhetoric that would deny black identity, or any identity that exists beyond white normality.


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4 thoughts on “GOP State Senator: Almost No Black People Care About Kwanzaa

  1. Les Redmon says:

    Another attempt by an Evil Republican trying to put the black man back on plantations picking cotton, beans, and rice…and to turn them away from rap and fried chicken and onto country music, grits, and NASCAR.

  2. Lassiter Kat says:

    People want to acknowledge their culture, there is nothing wrong with that. Christmas is for christians, it is not a race holiday. Regardless of your religion, anybody can celebrate their cultural roots and if that is an African ancestry than that should not "separate" Americans. Americans are people, and people should not have a problem with that. This GOP state senator guy sounds lousy & ignorant. Why are they in these positions anyway?

  3. You know, Christmas has been celebrated by Africans since the first century. Ethiopia was one of the very first nations to become Christian in the world, along with Armenia. Today of course, nearly all of Africa south of the Sahara is Christian, having converted primarily in the past century, and especially after the Europeans left.

    Kwanza was made up in the 1960's. And while one might suggest that politician was not being the most 'political' about pointing that out, the simple fact is that it is a made up holiday which does not come from Africa and furthermore, denies the genuine religious decisions which have been made by Africans prior to it's creation. It is simply a leftest African-American holiday created to celebrate a leftest African – American ideology and it comes as no surprise that few African Americans celebrate it, especially when the fact is that few African Americans (at least among my friends) are leftest to begin with.

  4. Les Redmon says:

    Phillip Rauschert………Excellent post.

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