Robin Roberts Reunited With Pet While Awaiting Return to GMA

Robin Roberts hoped to rejoin her Good Morning America family early next year, but will have to wait until June instead. The good news is, she has been reunited with her beloved Jack Russell K.J.

America was excited at the idea of having the well loved GMA anchor Robin Roberts back on their television screens as early as February of 2013, but unfortunately the doctors say they just won’t happen.

Multiple sources told TMZ that there are still too many medical risks for Robin to make an early return.

Due to a week immune system, she will have to wait it out and delay her return until June.

The good news is, doctors do believe that she is on the right track for recovery and adding 5 or 6 months to her rest time will do nothing but help her heal even faster.

Throughout the ordeal, the GMA co-anchor has been overwhelmingly positive and used Twitter to keep her fans up to date with her recovery.

Perhaps one of the most touching moments so far was to see the joyful anchor holding up a calendar counting down the days ever since she got her bone marrow transplant.

“Every morning I mark the day post my bone marrow transplant,” she tweeted. “Today I reached a major milestone…Day 100! Blessings.. XO.”

Along with the caption was the photo of her in a Santa hat and some adorable Angry Birds footie pajamas.

The battle with her rare blood disorder has taken a turn for the best and her road to recovery has been made even easier now that she has been reunited with a special friend.

As she passed the 100-day milestone, Roberts was reunited with her Jack Russell K.J.

Reaching 100 days after the transplant meant that the strong and courageous host’s immune system was strong enough to care for her adorable dog once again.

“Look who made it back for my 100 day celebration…KJ,” she tweeted with excitement as she posted a picture of her playing with her adorable pooch.

She went on to tell her followers that KJ already felt right at home and that she was “so happy to have the lil girl back.”

There have been several signs of the co-anchor feeling much better as she looked simply stunning at her co-host Sam Champion’s wedding on Dec. 21.

“The people at ABC are thrilled Robin is doing so well, and that’s all we’re thinking about,” said one source at ABC.

Although the delay in her return is disappointing, America is willing to wait as long as it takes to see Robin’s welcoming and joyful face in the morning once again.


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